Wills and Trusts

After 20 years of working on wills and trusts, Brent’s wealth of experience translates directly into client prioritization and total honesty.

After 20+ years of Estate Planning, I am more committed than ever to helping your family keep the peace without any sort of court supervision. As a father and husband, myself, I know how important family is. They are the number one priority in my life, as I know they likely are in yours, too. In matters of estate planning, I’m here to make sure make sure family unity stays the focus in the transition of estate benefits, all the while keeping the court out of it. Just as I’ve helped hundreds of others, I look forward to meeting and helping you with your estate planning!

Revocable trusts, otherwise known as “family trusts,” are trusts that can be edited, or even canceled. They go into effect as soon as you create them. This means that a trust protects your assets while you are alive, and makes sure those assets go to whoever you choose after death. Revocable trusts are also a good option if you would like to avoid probate.