Special Situation Trusts

Sometimes, special situations can merit having a different type of trust. I can help you create special situation trusts in the areas of special needs, personal residences, asset protection, and anonymity trusts.

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Special Needs Trust Attorney

If you care for a child or family member with special needs, you want them to have the best care possible — even if you're not able to care for them. As a Special Needs Trust Attorney, I can help you create a Special Needs Trust so that you can be assured that your loved ones will always be cared for. A Special Needs Trust Attorney will help the family create a trust that will ensure that their child or family member with disabilities will continue to receive care and benefits that go beyond what the government would have offered them. You may appoint a trustee to distribute the funds. The trustee may distribute the Special Needs Trust for food and shelter, but also for other goods, such as entertainment, education, and transportation.

Asset Protection Attorney

For people with high-liability jobs, or for those with a high net worth, an asset protection trust may be a good idea. An asset protection attorney can help you protect those assets, and avoid lawsuits which might compromise those assets. You can name anyone to be a beneficiary of this type of trust. Asset protection trusts are different from revocable trusts, because revocable trusts don't cover assets. If you would like your assets protected, contact me.

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Personal Residence Trust

Personal residence trusts allow you to take your place of residence out of your estate for a period of time, and put it into a trust for another family member. During that period of time, you can still live in the home. If you're still alive when that period of time is complete, you will have to pay rent to the beneficiaries of the home. Personal Residences trusts are not revocable.

Anonymous Trust

An anonymous trust is when the beneficiary of the trust has control over the trust holdings and assets. However, nobody else knows the identity of the beneficiary of the anonymous trust.

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