Nice to Meet You!

After 20+ years of Estate Planning, I am more committed than ever to helping your family keep the peace without any sort of court supervision. As a father and husband, myself, I know how important family is. They are the number one priority in my life, as I know they likely are in yours, too. In matters of estate planning, I’m here to make sure make sure family unity stays the focus in the transition of estate benefits, all the while keeping the court out of it. Just as I’ve helped hundreds of others, I look forward to meeting and helping you with your estate planning!

No Hourly Billing

There is no fee until we both agree on the work to be done and the appropriate flat fee for doing it. I have a set fee schedule and will show you exactly what it costs before you make any commitment.

A Focused Practice

Estate Planning is the only law I practice. I’m not distracted by litigation deadlines or spread thin by multiple practice areas. My time, continuing education, and interest are dedicated to preserving and distributing your wealth to your heirs.

It’s About Family

Whether you want to provide an inheritance, encourage good decision-making, or simply keep the peace, the right estate plan will make sure your instructions are honored.


What Brent's Clients Are Saying

Brent was great to work with. Having an expert legal perspective, strong communication, and an ability to see what needs to happen in order to protect my family and wealth was exactly what I needed. I have sent multiple people to Brent given he has been such an asset to my family!

Austin M.

I have had a great experience working with Brent. He is a professional and an expert in his field. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for honest answers and great planning.

Brian A.

Great to work with. Very clear in language and conscientious about our wishes and our desires. Would recommend him to anyone

Curtis Q.

Brent just did my family's estate planning and was fantastic to work with--I highly recommend him!

Mark O.