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Estate Planning for Second Marriages and Blended Families | Provo - Salt Lake City UT

Estate planning is important. But how does estate planning work for second marriages and blended families? Brent Ripley can help you out. 

Second Marriage Estate Planning | Provo - Salt Lake City Utah

Estate planning can get confusing if you've been remarried. Brent Ripley can help you with your second marriage estate planning. He can help you organize your assets and create an estate plan for you and your new spouse. Second Marriage Estate Planning doesn't have to be difficult. 

Estate Planning for Blended Families | Provo  - Salt Lake City Utah

Brent Ripley can also help those interested in estate planning for blended families. Estate planning for blended families can be difficult sometimes, depending on the relationship between step children and step parents. You can decide who you want to be the beneficiary of your estate in a situation like this. Contact Brent Ripley to find out how. 

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